Group art therapy provides clients with the opportunity for socialization and interpersonal learning, a space to find reassurance, support and a sense of belonging. Art therapy group sessions focus on the therapeutic effect of art making and the creative process as a way of helping clients find release and manage emotions, whilst developing a better understanding of their experiences through symbolic expression.

Group work interventions may be thematic, which means that clients may be invited to reflect and address specific themes in their sessions, according to their needs. Examples of group work themes include "Support group for the helping professions", "Art therapy for mothers", "Group art therapy and loss", among others.

Group art therapy sessions are co-facilitated with a qualified experienced art therapist and are provided on the same day at the same time, and in the same physical space. It is usually offered in a closed group model, which is composed consistently of the same members and run for a fixed number of sessions (10 to 12 usually). Materials are provided. All sessions are strictly confidential and there is usually a therapeutic group contract created by clients and therapists together, ensuring that important values such as respect, safety and non-judgment are held in mind during group sessions.

If you'd like to attend group art therapy or are interested in a collaboration please reach out. I'm one email away.


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