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Children, Teenagers and Adults

Individual art psychotherapy might be beneficial for you, if you are going through a difficult period in your life and/or if you feel that you would like to develop a better understanding about yourself in order to overcome any personal challenges, find balance and fulfilment.

Difficult periods may include life changing circumstances, change of jobs, separation, going through loss or coping with illness, amongst others. Challenging moments in life impact adults and also young people and children. Sometimes feelings of anger, sadness, fear or demotivation may appear without reason, in which case the exploration of these in psychotherapy may help and enable positive change.

In my psychotherapy sessions I integrate both my knowledge of psychology and art psychotherapy in order to best support you or your child according to your needs and preferred forms of expression. I offer in-person sessions in London and online sessions.

In art psychotherapy sessions people do not need to be experts in art, nor do they need to know how to use art materials. However, it is important to have curiosity and the pre-disposition for playfulness and creative expression. In my sessions, clients are invited to engage with the creativity within them, with images and metaphors, as this can help them find new ways of expressing feelings and sensations - an alternative channel to externalise experiences and to reflect and make sense of them in a more manageable way. In art psychotherapy, art is not used as diagnostic tool but as a medium to address emotional issues which may be confusing and distressing (BAAT). We can also stick to talking in the sessions if this suits you best.

In child art therapy in particular, the use of toys and play is included. All the work is strictly confidential. Please click here to see a short video introduction about the benefits of art therapy.

If you are curious about working with me, I invite you to read each of the sections below: 

- Who for?

- My approach

- How it works

Individual Art Therapy: Serviços
Individual Art Therapy: who for


Children, Teenagers and Adults

My areas of interest and expertise include:

Family difficulties, Relational difficulties

Health related issues, Life-threatening illness

Anxiety, Panic, Fears

Depression, Feelings of sadness, Low self-esteem

Loss and Bereavement, Abandonment

Abuse, Trauma

Work related stress, Burnout

Women's issues, Pregnancy and Maternity, Post-natal depression

Parenting difficulties and Child related issues

Bullying, Social Isolation

Identity issues

Life Transitionms

I offer sessions in English and Portuguese.

Working with me might not be the best service for you if you are struggling with substance misuse and/or suicidal ideation, or have a diagnosis of personality disorder or complex psychiatric disorder. However, I advise you to look up on therapy platforms as there may be therapists who are able to work with you if I cannot. 

If you are struggling and in need of immediate support, please call 999, use NHS recommended helplines and support groups, or see your doctor for advice.

Individual Art Therapy: Approach


With knowledge of different psychological theories and therapeutic techniques, my approach is holistic and eclectic. I learned from my work that different media and techniques suit various people according to their needs and preferred forms of expression. My work is based on the principles of Art Psychotherapy, Psychodynamic, Jungian and Systemic Therapies, and is supported by the latest evidence from Neuroscience and Somatic Psychology. I believe in the connection between body and mind and I work a lot with the body.

In my sessions, I offer a professional therapeutic relationship of trust, empathy and respect in which I aim to help you  feel comfortable and safe to bring issues that concern you and thus make sense of them in order to find inner balance and peace in your life. You can talk about what worries you and/or express yourself in creative ways. I follow your pace and listen to you without judgment or interference, offering reflections and questions that will help you explore the topics relevant to you. The exploration in therapy of certain feelings and behaviours will lead to a better understanding of these and may facilitate the resolution of deeper problems.

Depending on what you are looking for and what makes sense to you, I may suggest specific exercises that may be helpful to you at certain moments in your process. These may include guided visualizations, role-plays, relaxations, body movements and readings. Where appropriate, I can also recommend cognitive-behavioral strategies that may benefit you in developing awareness of negative thought-feeling-behavior patterns and helping you create alternative patterns.

The use of creative media in therapy offers an alternative form of expression that can assist you in communicating feelings or experiences that are difficult to be put into words. I work with images as extensions of a person and see them as embodiment of one's experiences. No previous artistic experience is necessary. My Art Therapy background allows me to work with symbols, metaphors and images as manifestations and communications of the unconscious. The unconscious can be described as a layer of the psyche, or the totality of the human mind, where attitudes, beliefs, memories and ideologies normally hidden from consciousness, are stored. Such manifestations can arise through paintings and images, through the use of projective methods (for example, when we look at scribbles and see an image), through dreams, your imagination, visualizations, and other situations in everyday life. According to the Jungian approach, it can be extremely rich to explore the meaning of the unconscious aspects that emerge from the psyche, as they can provide information about you and the way you see the world, and help you find a balance between the various components of your psyche and the different parts of your Self.

At times, it may be important to work with the relational dynamics that emerge between us and to look your past history, in order to help you in your present process. At all times you are in control and in each session we will work with what is relevant for you at that particular time.

As required by my professional body, I attend regular supervision with a qualified clinical supervisor, who maintains full confidentiality regarding all of my work and I carry a professional idemnity insurance. If you feel that you would like to work with me, I would love to hear from you. 

How it works


​To make the most of your psychotherapy, it is important that we develop a collaborative working relationship in which you feel safe and committed to. My role is to listen to you without judgement or prejudice and help you make sense of the reality you are living and of the feelings and thoughts that you may be experiencing. I will support you in setting out goals for you and provide you with guidance. It is OK if it feels difficult to think of a goal initially. Please know that this will be your time for yourself. All sessions are strictly confidential.

The sessions last 50 minutes and are held weekly. In your first therapy session we will have the opportunity to get to know each other and it is helpful for me to get a sense of your current life situation, history and what has brought you to art psychotherapy now. We will use this initial session to explore and discuss how we may work together, depending on your needs and on my approach. ​The number of sessions offered varies depending on clients and their individual needs. We may start we a block of 8 or 12 weekly sessions, after which we review the progress of the work and decide whether it is best to complete the sessions or to continue. For people who may benefit from long-term work, I offer sessions for up to one year or more.

Sometimes people may feel a little worse at the beginning of their therapy. This is a normal response to psychotherapy sessions, as one begins to pay attention to personal experiences that can bring out difficult feelings. It is important to talk about these feelings in our sessions if and when they arise in order to make sense of your experience and work towards improvement. In our sessions you will find a space of acceptance and support.

I offer sessions at a rate of £70. Lower-rate sessions are usually available to psychotherapy/counselling trainees.

I see clients in East London and I offer online art psychotherapy as well.

If you would like to find out more about working with me, I will be happy to arrange a free 15 min telephone consultation so that we can see whether we would be a good fit. You can email me to initiate an enquiry and I'll get back to you.

I look forward to connecting with you.

“It is a joy to be hidden, and a disaster not to be found.”
― D.W. Winnicott

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