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Workshops - Personal development: Serviços
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London, UK, and Lisbon, Portugal

Creative workshops may be facilitated in the community, schools, hospitals and other settings. Participants can explore and express themselves through the use of art materials, relate with each other through creative activities and pictures, learn with one another, and find reassurance and support.
These workshops are not therapy and aim to allow participants to experience the healing aspect of art making in a relaxed and safe environment, learn and develop particular skills, while experimenting with the benefits of being part of a group. Participants may include services' users or staff members of a service, students, or groups of children, families and adults from the general public. There is usually a theme for each workshop and the creative activities are facilitated with participants in order to explore that particular theme. What happens in the workshops is strictly confidential and there is usually a group contract created amongst participants that includes values such as respect, safety and non-judgment. Themes for the workshops are usually in line with the organization's vision in order to meet the needs of their client group. Below you can read about some of my past projects.


Top View of Kids Playing


June-July 2018 - “True Colours”, 6 week psychoeducational program delivered to children between 8 and 10 years old, alongside Art Therapist Ines Paula and Performing Artist Joana Raio. Aim: promote acceptance and reduce bullying around gender stereotypes. School in London.

May 2018 - "Mindfulness workshops", 2 week workshop for Year 6 children. Aim: learn strategies to cope with stress and anxiety during exams. London.

February 2018 - "Help your child with transitions", 2h workshop for parents. Aim: understand transitions and support children coping with it. London.

2014 - 2018 - "Transitions", 4 to 6 week workshops to Year 6 children. Aim: learn strategies to cope with anxiety and moving to secondary school, develop social skills. London.

2010 - 2011 - "5 a Day", 3h daily educational sessions for school year groups (Year 1 to Year 6) and teachers. Aim: Obesity prevention and raising awareness about nutrition through creative food activities and visits to food supplier markets.

September 2010 - "This is your world", 3h workshops for children aged 7 years old. Aim: promote creative thinking, awareness and emotional expression about human rights, multiculturalism and environmental issues. Lisbon.



March 2015 - "What is Art Therapy?", 3h introductory workshop for service users of children and family centers. Aim: to reduce stigma around mental health and advertise art therapy support. London.

May 2014 - "Dance and Art Therapy Introductory Workshop for Adults", 3h session, in partnership with Dance Movement Therapist Ana Jorge (Body Mind Integrated). Aim: to promote personal development in participants and learning about the therapeutic use of art and dance movement. London Buddhist Centre.

December 2010 - "Christmas with family", Parent-child work for families and children aged 2 to 6 years old. Aim: promoting family communication, cooperation and attunement through creative expression. Spazio shopping centre, Lisbon. 

If you are interested in working with me and you feel that your service users could benefit from a creative workshop-style intervention, click below.

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